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Real Estate and Construction 360 Interactive Tours

84% of home buyers begin their search for a home on the Internet and listings with virtual tours receive 50% more views.

As the familiar adage claims, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, in the real estate world, a picture is worth much more than words. Quality photographs, HD video and top-level virtual tours could mean the difference between the sale of your home or a long wait on the market. These first impressions will either trigger a response to explore further or to click on the next home.

Consumers have shorter attention spans these day. Top-quality photos are needed to grab buyers’ attention, increase foot traffic, and boost buyers’ expectations with regard to price.

• A real estate listing with a virtual tour will receive 50% more views than a competitor’s site without a virtual tour.
• According to the NAR home buyer and seller profile, the Internet has tied with the agent for most important information sources used in the home search (84%).
• 79% of repeat buyers & 84% of first-time buyers use the internet to search for a home.
• Images are one of the biggest reasons Internet marketing has become so popular.
• 54% of home buyers, who are searching for their next home on Realtor.com, will skip over listings that do not provide virtual tours and multiple images
• 80% of internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services.
• In cyberspace, a site with a virtual tour and interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor’s site that is lacking media. (Per The Internet Life Studies).

Google Street View Virtual Tours

Business listings that have photos and virtual tours are three times more likely to generate customer interest.
Google Street View Virtual Tours do not contain menus, infopoints/hotspots , logos or other elements found in our 360 Interactive Virtual Tours. Every 360 Interactive Virtual Tour (not including real estate virtual tours) will automatically include a Google Street View Virtual Tour.  Views for each business will vary based on the type of industry and sometimes a particular season. Many businesses will enjoy having thousands of views each month.

Many customers may choose to utilize only our Google Street View Services. We can also provide the embed code for placing the GSV Tour on your website. Hosting the virtual tour on your website is completely free, courtesy of Google. Click Here to check the current database of certified Google Street View Trusted Photographers for hire.

Businesses In 360

Equipment Stores, Appliance Centers or Sector Stores
Imagine as you are taking your tour you may want more information on a product.  Your client may  click on a hotspot and view a still image or video, read verbiage and click info links. If your store already has a shopping cart on its site your customer can purchase straight from the tour.

Event Centers
We create labels for each individual room in your facility and even can include your provided blueprints.  For example, a bride and groom can differentiate the exclusive uses of each room. Viewers may click on a hotspot and view a still image or video, read verbiage and click info links. Links may include specific areas of your website that corresponds to that part of the tour.

Malls & Commercial Hubs
Label each store in your mall and even include blueprints. Viewers may click on a hotspot and view a still image or video for each store, read verbiage and click info links. Links may direct them to individual businesses or stores.

Info Labels
Mark an object inside a Tour with an Information Label containing text, images, videos or even a Google Map!


Gamification Modules And Quizes Can Be Created For:

* Equipment Stores, Appliance Centers or Sector Stores

* Event Centers

* Malls, Strip Centers or Commercial Hubs

* Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals And More...

Area Profiles

Why 4CI-360?

The 4 Corners In 360 has created an exclusive user experience for businesses that request to augment the online tours of their business. Although this technology is not encompassed with Google at this time, we offer the code for you to add 360 interactive tours to your website and the links for you to employ them in unification with your social media accounts.

Property Mapping

360 Interactive Storage Facility & Land Mapping Solutions For:

* Storage Facilities

* Real Estate Land / Lot Listings

* High School & University Campuses

* Large Industrial Complexes And Factories

Give your clients a mapped out aerial view of your facility, land, campus or complex by highlighting each building in a completely 360 Interactive environment. 360 Interactive imaging can be seamlessly tied together with ground photo spheres to create an awesome 360 Interactive virtual environment.

Training & E-Learning

360 Training & E-Learning Modules Can Be Created For:

* High Schools & Colleges

* Oil Field Industries & Factories

* Grocery Store & Retail Store New Hires

* Law Enforcement, Security Firms & New Employee Orientations

WEBSITE Created By The 4 Corners In 360
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